Google can be no evil

red and white Do Not Enter street sign

Wiping out the newspapers’ ad business, Google killed journalism. Western culture is built on guilt, but this is a natural, comfortable conclusion – especially for journalists, to have a scapegoat. But it’s not true. Google was the predator that nature developed to finish a creature ill-equipped for a new environment.

Technology, and not the tech giants, is still the best chance for media to get subscribers back

Subscriptions, not ads nor social-generated windfall miracles seem to be, after all, the most credible way for journalism to regain solid ground. Hear no mermaid singing of trendy tech cornucopias: Even if still away from sustainability – let alone the fat margins of pre-digital – the consistent deployment of readers paying for journalism is the conducting wire behind some shimmering hope in a scorched earth media environment.…

Random thoughts on where journalism is going to

In the last decade or a little bit more, everything the world knew about communication proved to be wrong. Newspapers were brought down to Earth when they found out that the relevance they had was due to their monopolies of the distribution channels much more than from the quality of the “journalism” they produced.…

The stormy scenario may be the ordeal that journalism needs

“In a dark time, the eye begins to see”
Theodore Roethke

Every week, tech companies and their extensions announce the rollout of a new resource, something that will bring great benefits for society, something that will bring back lot revenues and relevance for publishers, something that journalists have long been waiting for and will return them to their role of caretakers of society and guardians of the democracy.…