The stormy scenario may be the ordeal that journalism needs

“In a dark time, the eye begins to see”
Theodore Roethke

Every week, tech companies and their extensions announce the rollout of a new resource, something that will bring great benefits for society, something that will bring back lot revenues and relevance for publishers, something that journalists have long been waiting for and will return them to their role of caretakers of society and guardians of the democracy. The media and its adjacencies were taken for years by kind of a sebastianism, an irrational wait for the return of something that decayed a long ago. Journalism needs to mature and leave a state of denial that it can survive with the help of the Facebooks and Googles of the moment. It’s time to get over and stop pretending that display advertisement, subscriptions and patronage will make dead flowers rise again. Continue reading “The stormy scenario may be the ordeal that journalism needs”

Where are we heading to and which are the assets and challenges?

In the last decade, journalism saw itself morphing into so many different things that is difficult to define what is and what is not. For example, entertainment gained so much traction that answers for a significant cut of the revenues of news companies, but the consistency of its content is hardly a reason to pride. In the other hand, newsmaking has delivered itself in so many forms, platforms, flows and authors that it makes hard to state either what is journalism and what is purely conversation. Other than that, there is also the event of the big data, which has always been around, but never could be trapped and domesticated as it is today, allowing us to see in the world map which are the trends that people currently are keeping on top of the rest. Continue reading “Where are we heading to and which are the assets and challenges?”