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Fading journalism, influencers and Greta Thunberg: signs of a new world

Until 20 years ago, getting a cab in São Paulo or in any other city meant often digesting an overpaid, low-quality service held by a monopolist category that could do whatever they wanted because you had no other options. Now, taxi drivers rabidly rage over Uber while they slowly disappear leaving no mourners behind.…

The six worst hypocrisies of the copyright industry in the last decade

Copyright Monopoly: The copyright industry keeps pounding a simplistic message to legislators – that copyright law is simple and that nobody honest could ever break it, and that it’s easy to “tell right from wrong”. But when you look at the deeds of the copyright industry instead of their words, they don’t seem very eager to follow their own rules themselves – if nothing else, demonstrating in deed that those rules are outdated, silly, or both.