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The techlash against Amazon, Facebook and Google—and what they can do

Eve Smith, Invisible Hand Strategies, LLC <evesmith@invisiblehandstrategies.com
To: Jeff Bezos <jeffbezos@amazon.com, Mark Zuckerberg <markzuckerberg@facebook.com, Sundar Pichai <sundarpichai@google.com
CC: Tim Cook <timcook@apple.com, Reed Hastings <reedhastings@netflix.com, Satya Nadella <satyanadella@microsoft.com

Dear Jeff, Mark and Sundar, if I may

Popular music is more collaborative than ever

DJ KHALED, an American hip-hop producer, is often criticised for shamelessly packing his songs with famous guest stars like Drake, Rihanna and Justin Bieber. But it is hard to argue with success. In a little over a decade, Mr Khaled

Why you should care about net neutrality

The soporific name is enough to induce disinterest, but net neutrality is a topic that should concern everyone who believes in the open internet. Yesterday, visitors to major websites like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter saw messages about the future

What we miss when we obsess over Trump’s tweets

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg, via Getty Images

Remember when we used to obsess about every presidential tweet? When every story was about us? When Donald Trump’s war with the media was, really, the only thing that mattered?

We need to stop.