Euro MP Pascal Arimont’s all out attack on the ‘right to link’

A group of MEPs have come up with changes to the EU copyright law so out of touch with every piece of research, the public’s views, and parliamentary debates, that we’re frankly gobsmacked.

The Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) committee is one of the key bodies commenting on the copyright proposals. When rapporteur Catherine Stihler came out with her report, we were happy with the common sense recommendations that controversial EU Commission proposals for a “Link Tax” (Article 11) be completely removed from draft legislation, and her statement that Commission plans for mandatory content filtering (Article 13) harms the interests of Internet users.

But committee member MEP Pascal Arimont (Belgium), from the EPP political group, has left all reason behind and is trying to rally support for a version of the law that is a full frontal attack on user rights and citizens. Ironic considering his committee “IMCO” is responsible for consumer rights.

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