24 Billion Clicks Via 700 Ad Networks Reveals 15.2% Mobile Ad Fraud Rate

Eight ad networks are 100% fraud. 35 ad networks are 50% or greater. But overall, 17.17% of all mobile ads that marketers pay to place in front of consumers are fraudulent.

In my day job, I study mobile for TUNE, a platform for mobile marketers. Recently, I launched an analysis of more than 700 ad networks, studying 24 billion clicks and taps on ads that marketers measured over January, February, and March of this year.

The goal: searching for fraud.

Fraud is a massive problem for digital advertisers. Exactly how much it costs is tough to determine, but digital security company WhiteOps suggested fraudsters wasted $7.2 billion of marketers’ money last year. And ad verification company Adloox says that advertisers will lose $16.4 billion to ad fraud in 2017. Some marketers I’ve talked to believe that up to half of their advertising is impacted by fraud.

TLDR version? There’s a lot of fraud in the system.

While there are plenty of ad networks with minimal fraud, almost all contain small percentages. 34 of the worst, however, are more than 50% fraudulent. These are ads that are not visible, ads intended for American women that get delivered to Romanian men, app installs that no human requested, and so on.

The worst 34 ad networks contain more than 50% fraud.


The worst 34 ad networks contain more than 50% fraud.

While most of those 34 worst companies are not major industry players, 23% of the 702 ad networks I studied — 161 ad networks — consistently show more than 20% fraud. These including major, recognizable names in the adtech ecosystem.

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