Guardian define ‘regras visuais’ ao cobrir o Panama Papers [Poynter]

O Guardian não esteve entre os jornais que denunciaram as contas de personalidades globais no Panamá, os Panama Papers. Mesmo assim, o jornal ganhou a cena, como sempre, ao estabelecer critérios que devem guiar os breaking news por jornais mundo afora. [Você será redirecionado para o artigo original em 15 segundos].

Unlike the journalists who were in on the investigation, designers at The Guardian didn’t have a year to prepare their stories about the Panama Papers. Because of the sensitive nature of the work, they only had a week to create a design language for the far-reaching investigative series.

“Without knowing with certainty how the story would break over the forthcoming days, we set about producing a set of design rules, color and tonal theory that would underpin our visual storytelling,” said Chris Clarke, deputy creative director for Guardian News and Media. “Having these robust sets of principles allowed us to react quickly to the demands of the breaking news.”

Clarke spoke with Poynter via email about how The Guardian told the story of the Panama Papers in print and online, how the visual storytelling was carried out and how readers have responded.

Fonte: With the Panama Papers, The Guardian created visual storytelling rules ready for breaking news – Poynter