Os estudantes de jornalismo não sabem onde se meteram [Quartz]

O jornalismo ainda carrega um aura de coragem e defesa da sociedade. Erica Berger, uma ex-jornalista da Economist, fala de como o ofício virou um “moedor de carne” onde os preceitos básicos da profissão são solenemente ignorados, nesse ótimo texto do Quartz.

In the 1950s, M. King Hubbard devised an economic theory about what would happen when humans hit our peak oil extraction point. Several decades later, I think Hubbard’s theory, with a little tweaking, makes for a pretty good descriptor of the current media landscape. Or, as I like to call it, “peak content.”

Most of the time, when we talk about journalism and media, we talk about ad dollars, circulation revenue, and attention (let’s be real—clicks) from the audience. I’m not the first to write about the decline in the quality of editorial content or ad dollars. But it is rare that we discuss what online media in particular is doing to journalists, writers, and editors in the fast-moving digital age.

Essentially, many newsroom writers and editors feel that they are bumping up against their maximum output, even as their bosses demand ever-more productivity.

The next generation of journalism students has no idea what they’re getting into – Quartz.

Source: Os estudantes de jornalismo não sabem onde estão se metendo [Quartz]

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