Is data the new oil?

"When we look at the price of data and the amount of money that’s being made by big companies by reselling that data, it’s certainly comparable to oil in that manner. But it’s a little bit different

Reporters reveal how troll harassment chills coverage

Image via Pexels.

Journalists have always faced angry feedback from those who don’t agree with their work. But modern internet culture, combined with a vitriolic political environment, has exposed reporters to a new level of scrutiny and harassment.

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InVID Wants to Help Journalists Debunk Fake Videos

Since the panic over fake news erupted after the U.S. election and spread into Europe, a number of fact-checking and content verification tools went into development. But there are still few tools dedicated to video verification. InVID, a three-year collaborative …

Why you should care about net neutrality

The soporific name is enough to induce disinterest, but net neutrality is a topic that should concern everyone who believes in the open internet. Yesterday, visitors to major websites like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter saw messages about the future